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I did my first hendigo application about 6 weeks ago (1:2, henna:indigo) with Mehandi's wonderful products. My hair was totally virgin and a dark blonde with about 50% gray (more in some places & less in others). I wanted to go a very dark brown (didn't mind some red as long as the overall look was good & dark). Based on my research I knew I'd probably have to do multiple applications to get the shade I wanted, especially with all my gray, and I wasn't unhappy with these first results. As I was ramping up to do my second application, at about 10 days, I started noticing "break through" at my roots! At first I wasn't sure I was seeing roots; I thought maybe it was just the light reflecting off my beautifully shiny hair. But, by 14 days, I couldn't kid myself any longer: I had GRAY roots against my now thoroughly reddish-brown hair!!! This may not seem like a big deal to some people, but having been some shade of blonde my whole life and only having ever considered dark-ish roots against light hair, I was FREAKING OUT!! I feel like these gray/silver roots are all anyone sees when they look at me...I know it's all I see!

I struggled with the idea of having to do touch-ups every 10-12 days and finally decided going dark was just a bad decision for me. Now I'm researching ways to get my dark hair light-ish again so that my roots at least blend in better. I've read about the honey approach, about vitamin C, Sun-In, lemons but these all run the risk of damaging my hair with very little results. I really haven't considered the chemical color removers and have no personal experience with them, but I have to admit that they sound terrifying and yucky. I've even begun looking at new hair styles because the one common thread in all the research is that the ONLY surefire to get rid of hendigo is to grow it out and/or cut it off. (I'm not necessarily opposed to this idea, but I've got a very full face & neck and the cut would have to be pretty darn short to get rid of the dark color, so I'd be running the risk of emphasizing my chubbiness with a potentially unflattering hair style.) The one plus to all this is that my hair obviously grows pretty fast so if I have to go with a radically different hair cut and I'm not 100% comfortable with it, I should be able to grow it out fairly quickly.

UGH!!! Please tell me there's something I can do to get rid of the dark color without either trashing the health of my hair or basically having to cut it to an inch long all over my head?!?!?
Hey-o All!

So, I have been henna'ing my hair for a few years now. Each time I do it, I add a metric buttload of powdered cinnamon, cloves, pumpkin pie spice, nutmeg and allspice (probably about a full cup in total). Always a great result - I smell delicious for days!

However, with this mix, I didn't have any powdered cinnamon around (just moved), but I did have some essential oil. Well, never having used it before, I *think* I may have used too much. I did a test on the underside of my wrist (which turned out fine after being on for ~5min), then put it in my hair. 2-3min in, my head felt kinda burn-y. Not to the point of pain, but more than a pleasant "tingle". The longer it is sitting (about 30min now), the more it is subsiding and just feeling warm (kinda like Tiger Balm), but my main worry is if it could damage my hair or scalp?

Any advice ASAP is GREATLY appreciated!
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22 December 2012 @ 04:38 pm
I have mostly just dealt with it, but the henna/indigo gets on the skin around my hairline and starts blocking pores. Leading to breakouts. Last time I did my henna, followed by the indigo. I water rinsed 4 days in a row rubbing my scalp thoroughly  then on the 5th day, baking soda with a followup rinse of vinegar. Then 6th day water rinse, 7th day vinegar rinse, 8th day water rinse etc etc.

Although this helped it get off me sooner, I still scratched indigo off the middle of my scalp even two weeks later. The third week finally saw it gone.

10 days of breakouts. Scratching blue gets it under my nails and makes them look filthy. It also stains the collars on clothing, and I have to be careful what I wear. I'm not sure what I can do to get the indigo off my head faster. 

I've been no poo nearly three years quite happily. Henna/Indigoing for 2.5 years. This wasn't really a problem until I chose to grow my hair out. And I have to do this every two months to avoid roots, but it's getting beyond bothersome that I have to deal with the effects up to a month after a touch up.


PS I'm vegan and any topical solutions involving animal products/by products aren't of interest to me.
23 May 2012 @ 01:45 am
I was wondering, is there purple henna?
Logically I'd think it should exist, since you can find henna in different colors when they mix henna with other plants, and purple does exist in nature, and you can find tattoo henna in purple.
Does anyone know anything about it for hair and where to find it, or know about any other 100% natural and non damaging way to color hair purple? Any other plant mixes?
Thank you
21 May 2012 @ 06:58 pm
Hello everyone--I've been holding off on the bleach because I really can't stand how damaging it is, and the honey thing didn't really work out either. Has anyone ever used cassia and henna together to try to achieve a lighter red? What were the results?
13 May 2012 @ 10:06 am
SO. I've been Hendigoing for 2 years 1 month. Which is why I feel a little silly seeking help now.

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07 April 2012 @ 05:11 pm
like I said in my first post, instead of using henna and indigo I'm just going to start off with a henna gloss. but please make sure that everything here seems alright. 

  • salt, tsp for 100g indigo..........................for blacker color and making indigo stick
  • 200-300g henna.....................................200g for mid-back, 300g for hip length
  • 150-250g indigo.....................................140-150g for mid-back, 220-250 for hip
  • 15 drops of essential oil.........................good for release and cuts smell
  • 1/2 - 1 cup coconut milk.........................acidic and moisture
  • black/green tea or coffee.........................to tone down red into golder/browner tint, 4 bags, use least amount of tea as possible, about 2 cups
  • 2 tbsp amla powder...............................moisture, helps with darker staining, provides acid, tones down the red of henna a bit, can stop curls from loosening, strengthens
  • 2 tbsp Indian oils...................................coconut and/or cocasta shikakai
  • honey...................................................moisture and shine
  • Newspaper to spread on the floor for excess spillage
  • Paper towels to wipe excess henna off skin to avoid staining 
  • Dark bath towels to drape around neck during henna application
  • Put petroleum, sunscreen, or vitamin e on hairline, forehead, and ears. 
  • Gloves to apply henna with to avoid stained hands
  • Saran Wrap and/or plastic cap
  • Bowl and spoon to mix. Can not be made of metal as it can react with henna.
  • Make sure henna and indigo are not expired.
  • Clarify shampoo (week before or after hendigo) to remove residue.
  • Do not scratch head. 
  • Have anti-staining materials prepared.
  • It takes 2-3 days for true color to show. 
  • Keep gloves on when rinsing out henna. 
2 Step Mixes
  • First make henna mix. 
  • In boiling pot, place the 3-4 tea bags to brew until it darkens.
  • Stir in enough tea in powder mix to make a thick pudding consistency.
  • Cover henna and keep in warm place.
  • Let henna tea paste sit 12+ hours for dye release.
  • Add amla powder to henna.
  • Add oils (fenugreek extract & jojoba oil), essential oils, and other ingredients.
  • Second, prepare indigo paste. 
  • Stir warm/hot water into indigo powder to make a thick paste. 
  • Add teaspoons of ( sea ) salt to indigo mix.
  • Apply to hair immediately after mixing.
1 Step Gloss Mix
  • First make henna mix. 
  • In boiling pot, place the 3-4 tea bags to brew until it darkens.
  • Add amla powder to henna powder.
  • Stir in enough tea in powder to make a thick consistency. 
  • Cover henna and keep in warm place.
  • Let henna tea paste sit 12+ hours for dye release.
  • Stir warm/hot water into indigo powder to make a thick paste. 
  • Add ( sea ) salt to indigo paste. 
  • Mix indigo paste and henna paste. 
  • Add coconut milk, oils (fenugreek extract & jojoba oil) , and essential oils. 
  • Apply to hair immediately after mixing.

For 2 Step...
  • Oil hair while henna dye releases & damp hair a little for better take.
  • Apply henna paste like a relaxer, completely coating the hair down to the roots. Easiest to start from back and move forward. 
  • Pile length of hair on top of hair and cover with plastic bag or saran wrap and sit under the dryer for 3-4 hours on moderate setting. 
  • Rinse out, rinse out, rinse out with cool water, NO conditioner, until water gets clear.
  • Apply indigo on towel dried hair.
  • Pile length of hair on top of hair and cover with plastic bag or saran wrap and sit under the dryer for 2 hours on moderate setting. 
  • Rinse out, rinse out, rinse out with cool water and conditioner, until water gets clear.
  • Deep condition and then apply leave-ins.
  • Steam hair for an hour. 
For Gloss...
  • Oil hair while henna dye releases & damp hair for better take.
  • Apply hendigo paste like a relaxer, completely coating the hair down to the roots. Easiest to start from back and move forward. 
  • Pile length of hair on top of hair and cover with plastic bag or saran wrap and sit under the dryer for 1-2 hour on moderate setting. 
  • Rinse out, rinse out, rinse out with cool water and conditioner, until water gets clear.
  • Deep condition and/or apply leave-ins.
  • Steam hair for an hour. .
  • indigo powder: fridge, or cool dark place.
  • paste: use immediately as indigo paste does not freeze or keep well.
  • henna paste: can freeze for better color deposit

07 April 2012 @ 11:50 am
hello! I'm new here, plus I have yet to try henna so I'm a noob in more then one way. I hope to learn a lot here. I've done research and I'm planning on doing my first henna next week, and I'd like to go over my plan with you all. i'm african american and I'm relaxed... my hair is thick and mid back length. I just got a relaxer less then a week ago, and I've heard it best to henna after a relaxer because it corrects the damaged you just did. I've wanted to do a 2 step hendigo and then maintain it with a hendigo gloss while only repeating the 2 step on my newgrowth. But now I've deciding on starting with a simple henna gloss, because I believe once I do a hendigo I can't go lighter. I'd just like to see how my hair looks with a henna highlight and if I don't like it go to hendigo. my hair is black so it would only be a red-brown shine, right? like a red marker on a black paper, right? in my next post I'd like to run the research I've done by you all.
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28 March 2012 @ 08:21 pm
I wanted feedback about an experimental mix I'm thinking about using in my hair.
50g cassia obovata
10g henna
5g indigo
held on 1 hour (?)

My hair naturally is light ash brown or dirty blonde, and I had it dyed many months ago so an inch from roots it turns more of a light-brown-with-brass shade. I am looking to achieve a deeper, more rich of a shade that is perhaps slightly darker. Overall, current color looks like a dull shade unless I'm in the sunlight.I don't want something too red, so I threw in the indigo to steer it more towards brown than red. I don't mind if my hair is uneven, I just want some more color going on.
I've recently used cassia obovata alone and it sort of evened out the difference in my hair, bringing more gold tones to the roots the most (the rest of hair becoming more golden ish, as expected).

Thanks for any input. Looking forward to reading the comments.
27 March 2012 @ 05:22 pm
Hello all! Been a while since I've been here. While I love henna to death and will never ever stop using it, started when I was 18 and am now 24, the one complaint I have is how dark it gets over time. Much too auburn for my taste, I like more of a Scottish-y red (anyone see the "Brave" trailer? Yeah).
Anyway, I was using bleach and just doing different sized chunks before I hennaed my roots and it made a nice mix of auburn and more fiery shades together, but it's hell on your hair and I feel like my hair isn't growing at its normal rate as a result. I tried doing the honey thing, the recipe was something like 2 cups distilled water, 1 cup honey and a tablespoon each of olive oil and cinnamon or cardamom. I used cinnamon, cardamom costs an arm and a leg!!
I wrapped it in saran wrap and slept in it, but can't really tell if it did much. Asked other people if they noticed a difference and they didn't. Going to try it again tonight but just wanted to know if anyone else has given this a try and what your results were?
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