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Henna, dryness, and itching, burning scalp

Ok, (hello!) it's been years since i last used henna on my hair.
i used to use the old boxed dye mixes i could get from the health-food store..the kind with the sea-shell on the front of the box, i think. (do they even still make it?) i only used boiling water and time to get dye release.
i got beautiful results, even if it was a touch on the brassy side, and people were always complimenting me on my hair. It was always soft and conditioned, and i loved the way it felt.
Until, i started noticing that my hair was getting flatter and more oily-looking with each application. The color got duller and i got more and more dissatisfied. Somewhere between a year and two years into henna-ing, i gave up, and went to conventional dyes.
i hated that too.

For several years, i went without dying at all, (my hair is naturally medium brown with some occasional red highlights) or only dying conventionally once in a great while.

Now i'm coming back to henna, after getting better information on it than i had last time.
My hair is waist length, and it's very fine and thin, and it's been it's natural color of brownish for a long time..i think only the lower half to 1/3 of my hair has any old conventional dye in it at all.
i got henna from yemen at mehandi.com, and followed the suggestions from there to mix my henna and apply it.
i added a little ginger, some tumeric, some paprika, cardamom powder, a cup of apple-cinnamon-chamomile tea, a little bit of olive oil, a few splashes of lemon juice, and a LOT of grapefruit juice.
i let it sit over night, and applied it the next day. (a couple days ago) i wrapped my hair in plastic wrap and a towel and left the henna on for 5 or 6 hours.

When i washed out the henna, (i use a natural shampoo bar and an ACV rinse) i had BEAUTIFUL, deep burgundy-red hair, and it felt as dry as STRAW to the touch, and my scalp felt like it was on FIRE.
i've already gotten a little help on this subject, but i wanted to ask about it here too.

Have any of you ever had something like this happen? What do you think may have caused it? What do you think will be a better way to get good color next time, but not have the dry hair and itchy, burning scalp?
It's been suggested to me that i try using apple juice next time to get dye-release, instead of the citrus juices, and i'm thinking i may try that. Are there any other suggestions?

i'm currently conditioning by leaving coconut oil in my hair overnight to see if that will help the dryness..but all advice would be welcome!

Thank you! :)
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